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  • Evenings are coming early now. I spend a lot of time reading at bedtime. And Italo Calvino is my ultimate comfort read. I love his worlds. He’s a magician.

  • I only got as far as The Gambler and Bobok. Ironic, because I was initially interested in the title A Nasty Story, but felt I ought to read everything in order. The Gambler, I loved. Took me for a wild ride. Dostoyevsky is one of those writers who makes me gasp audibly or even exclaim…

  • This is the copy of Dracula I grew up with, always floating around somewhere in my parent’s house. I tried to read it once or twice. Only this year, in my mid-thirties, do I actually manage to sit down and read it. And into my heart it sinks immediately like a stone, taking root there.


i was born in dallas, texas, in 1987.

having a rabid, single-minded passion for books, i went to the university in berkeley and obtained a degree in english.

i continue to live in the east bay area of california, and now work at a nonprofit for the textile arts and costume history. beyond reading, my passions include drawing (mainly seashells) and sculpting (medium: wool).