this new horror novel by sarah gailey gave me actual, physical chills three times in the first three chapters, beginning with the epigraph. i am so excited. this one of those books you have to try to restrain yourself from greedily consuming all in one sitting. because you want to draw out the deliciousness. oh my god, i’m almost afraid it will deliver. will let u know how it goes. xxx bookworm


in belgium there are flea markets where you can go scooping up memories, just like this, there are piles and piles of postcards, mountains of postcards, faded photographs on one side and the other covered in scrawling lines of fabulous ink, probably exquisite sentences in French, the flowing hand immaculate and ornate, good god, the whole place is haunted in a way i’ve never seen. in a manner totally unlike

xxx bookworm


b. 1852 & dies in 1895 when he goes down with his ship the elbe: there are about 300-400 souls aboard, and only 22 survive. goessel, kansas is later named after him. it is a small town, pop. less than a thousand, its cemetery full of german mennonites. my antecedents on my father’s side. to see one’s own name over and over on countless crumbling, mossy tombstones in the middle of the prairie… clocks stopped running there a long time ago